Do you have America's next big-selling product or service?

Have the high costs of traditional marketing channels like retail, television, and direct mail made selling your product or service difficult and slow?

Here's your opportunity to not only grow your customer base and increase your profits, but do it with a professionally crafted direct response campaign that literally funds itself... over and over again! is a group of experienced, professional, direct response advertising specialists with proven expertise in creating and placing result oriented print advertising.

Why print? Newspaper and magazine readership is shrinking... to the advantage of companies targeting educated individuals in their mid-50's and older, with an estimated household income of $45,000+ and a concern about their health and economic welfare. More companies are finding their best customers in the pages of America's newspapers and magazines.

Why advertorials? Newspaper and magazine readers are, first and foremost, readers. Structuring your offer and profiling your product or service in an advertisement that "walks and talks like a news or feature article" has proven to be highly effective in today's abrasive economy.

Direct Response Success Starts with...

Your direct response newspaper or magazine advertorial will be written and designed by
America's top-selling DR print team. With your input, we'll create an effective, phone-
ringing response vehicle.

We'll test your advertorial in top-performing, direct response-proven, national broadsheet newspapers in major and secondary cities nationwide, purchased at discount rates up to 90% off retail!

Detailed, post-test campaign analysis report covering every aspect of
your campaign, from your ad's 'likeability' factor to your offer, even
the performance of your call center operators, with post-test strategy
and recommendations.

Ancillary services like e-commerce sites specifically designed to your offer,
recommendation and help with in-bound call centers, fulfillment companies,
auto-ship and continuity programs, cross-sells, affiliate programs, broadcast
advertising and more.

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